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Hi there, my name is TJ Mapes. I work at a place called RIPT Apparel.



TJ Mapes
c/o RIPT Apparel
1641 W Carroll Ave
Chicago, IL 60612

Slack Communities for Ecommerce and Shopify

So, during my current quest to re-platform my online T-Shirt business, I’ve been scouring the internet researching everything under the sun. Every platform possible, every case study possible, you name it. More to come on that front later.

Meanwhile, I’ve had small successes reaching out to those in the community of said platforms, but as I’ve been contacting people individually, I thought to my self, why isn’t there just a place where I can go and get advice from people with ease? So I started two Slack Communities.

If you aren’t familiar with Slack, it’s basically a chat room. Many people relate it to the IRC days, if you were into that sort of thing (I was). It’s NOT just a chat room though, it comes with some special integrations that I’ll let you read about on their website.

Ecommerce Slack Chat

The first slack community I started is a place for all things Ecommerce. If you want advice on any aspect of Ecommerce or want to contribute to the community, please apply to join.


The second slack community I started has a more narrow focus, Shopify. This group is for shop owners, theme developers or app developers. Any and all are welcome to apply.

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