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Hey there, I’m TJ, CTO and co-founder of RIPT Apparel. I also started eCommTalk

I’m passionate about technology, adventure and how people work. I’m a self taught designer and developer. I love tinkering and pushing my limits by learning new things that fascinate me.



What is this Jekyll thing anyway?

Lately I’ve had a major fascination and desire to learn something new. Something brand new.

I’m the CTO and Co-Founder of RIPT Apparel and for the past couple months I’ve been searching for quality developers to build out my team. So I’ve been researching everything from micro architecture to agile, trying to really get in the mindset of a developer.

So naturally, I subscribed to a bunch of new podcasts centered around development.

Today I listened to a great episode of the thechangelog podcast called Jekyll with Parker Moore. It featured, you guessed it, Parker Moore talking about Jekyll.

Now I’ve heard about Jekyll before (about 2-3 weeks ago) and even tried installing it because I it peaked my interests. But I had absolutely no luck at installing it because I’m a commandline novice at best.

So today I tried again, devoured the docs and, TADA… I did it! Before today I really didn’t know anything about markdown, ruby, jekyll… none of this stuff. But I’m learning little by little, even as I type this. And somehow now, I have a Jekyll site, hosted up on github pages, via my brand spankin’ new domain.

I kind of feel like I’m back pushing live edits to an FTP for some random site I ran back in the mid 90’s. And ya know what, it feels damn good. But now I have version control!

I’d like to write a post soon about my journey finding developers to build our team out.

Stay tuned.

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