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Hi there, my name is TJ Mapes. I work at a place called RIPT Apparel.



TJ Mapes
c/o RIPT Apparel
1641 W Carroll Ave
Chicago, IL 60612

Trials and tribulations of hiring in-house software engineers

What a pain in the ass.

I do not have an engineering background. I’m a front-end designer at heart turned full blown CTO tasked with hiring new tech talent to build our in-house development team.

This in it self is daunting and almost debilitating to a certain degree, but I’ve been lucky enough to have some help on the technical assesment side which has really made getting people in the door to interview possible.

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New Podcasts I'm Listening To

In my last post I mentioned I’m listening to more podcasts than normal lately so I thought I’d take a quick moment to go ahead and link those up for you to enjoy as well.

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What is this Jekyll thing anyway?

Lately I’ve had a major fascination and desire to learn something new. Something brand new.

I’m the CTO and Co-Founder of RIPT Apparel and for the past couple months I’ve been searching for quality developers to build out my team. So I’ve been researching everything from micro architecture to agile, trying to really get in the mindset of a developer.

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