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Hey there, I’m TJ, CTO and co-founder of RIPT Apparel. I also started eCommTalk

I’m passionate about technology, adventure and how people work. I’m a self taught designer and developer. I love tinkering and pushing my limits by learning new things that fascinate me.



New Podcasts I'm Listening To

In my last post I mentioned I’m listening to more podcasts than normal lately so I thought I’d take a quick moment to go ahead and link those up for you to enjoy as well.

###What I’m listening to:

  1. StartUp Podcast - The business origin story you never get to hear
  2. The Rocketship Podcast - 20 minute interviews with successful startup founders about the early days of their business and the activities that helped them succeed at key points along the way.
  3. Software Engineering Radio - Information for Software Developers and Architects
  4. Dorm Room Tycoon - Insightful interviews for hackers, product designers and startup founders. Learning from the world’s most influential creators!
  5. On the Grid - A Design Conversation
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