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Hi there, my name is TJ Mapes. I work at a place called RIPT Apparel.



TJ Mapes
c/o RIPT Apparel
1641 W Carroll Ave
Chicago, IL 60612

Redesigning RIPT Apparel

Earlier this year it dawned on me that riptapparel.com needed a facelift. Not just a fresh coat of paint, but some user experience tweaks and some user interface overhauls to better set us up for the future.

What exactly does that mean? We’ve branched outside our daily model and have started offering other products for sale. This is something we plan on continuing but the old website wasn’t really designed with that in mind. Granted, we haven’t gotten to where I want to be 100% yet due to lacking development resources but we’ve laid the groundwork for whats to come in 2015.

So what’s changed you ask?

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